The Company

 The motto:

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is absolutely customer-orientated, i.e. you can "pin us down" to the following claims:

In order to reach these aims that we set ourselves, we have agreed upon a concept of minimalism so that, with a relatively low degree of expenditure, we can render services which otherwise could be realised by mega-agencies only. First of all, the overhead at the Übersetzungsdienst Knoppe is extremely low. The offices are run by Klaus Knoppe.

Apart from that, we have run a strict outsourcing program so that our "working" staff is deployed all over Europe and the United States - a NO PROBLEMO circumstance with modern means of communication. Regarding the selection of translators and support personnel, we are very discriminating, putting the candidates' competence to the test in trail jobs, having a close look at their vocational records and performing interviews with them. At the moment, our team consists of approx. 53 self-employed, freelance collegues either having graduated in language studies or many years of professional experience in their specialities.

Concerning the technical hardware, we primarily work with PCs, partly in LANs, for DTP projects, however, we make also use of appropriately dimensioned systems. Here -> SOFTWARE USED you can see, what software we use; but on request, we can also draw back on other applications.

The emphasis here is on helping individuals and organizations produce professional quality work and achieve the best results possible. The Übersetzungsdienst Knoppe is dedicated to this objective. The team and most everyone who checks in here are basically workoholics who, with rolled up sleeves and loosened neckties, are constantly striving to achieve the maximum. We understand each other, and know what we can expect from one another. So, what are we waiting for?... Let's do it!