The C.E.O.

Business data:

At this point, I just want to emphasize that I really like my work. In spite of all stress involved - I can't imagine anything else. For further information on the business aspects, please have a look at this page: The Company .




In private:

The fundamentals are: I'm an Olm (lat.: Triturus... (so they say).

Well, when you sit in front of the monitor day in day out, you get a good dose of rays, but not the real sunshine. Thus, no sun tan would do, just occasional trips to Southern Europe (I loooove the sea!).

As pencils and mechanical typewriters play just a subordinate role in my profession, my days mainly happen at PCs - or on the road, when visiting customers. Besides phenomenal terms like KREUZWINKELVERSCHRAUBTES KARDANRASTERDREHACHSGELENK or POWER-ASSISTED SPEED SENSITIVE RECIRCULATING BALL STEERING (no, that's not the translation for the former...), I also bump into high-quality texts now and then that can even enthuse a language fetishist like me. Don't laugh: The Pope writes a magnificent Italian! Usually, however, source files for software applications are a bit dull. Accordingly, I go with Douglas Adams: "Does it help, if I go mad now?"

At night, I allow myself a neat grape juice, preferably a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley or an Italian vino.

As an old trekkie, I'm hot on STAR TREK , mainly on TNG and VOYAGER. As regards books, I'm taken with those of William Gibson , Isaac Asimov or Douglas Adams - not to forget the 'Windhover Tapes' of the genius Warren Norwood.

As I don't have wings to fly, I run - long, i.e. I am a "Marathon Man" (since my first on October 27, 2002 in Frankfurt, I may use that term for me). I do 30-40 training kilometers in 3 units each week, approx 180 a month and about 6 races in a year. That's fun, it's a great way to relax for a change, and it keeps me fit.

For my ears, I plug into Sting or Aerosmith - or some jazz in the style of Jaco Pastorius . Presently, I like listening to Alanis Morissette or Yes and PUR, of course.