The Quality

Quality is the measure of all things!

Working according to this principle requests discipline, consistency and the rigorous compliance to set standards. And, remember: the close cooperation with the customer who, for his part, must be able to know how to place his suppliers' procedures within the framework of his quality assurance.

We know, however, that for the success of a product, quality is a vital factor which we, for our part, would like to support by measures of quality management.

The following two pages are intended to contribute towards this objective so that you know what you can expect.

 Registration certificate of DIN CERTCO
Internal quality circle

Language quality in Germany has its name: Bundesverband der ‹bersetzer und Dolmetscher (BD‹) e.V. As the official body representing professional language mediators in Germany, this association has limited its admission to those who are able to provide proof of academic qualifications or equivalent qualifications in language studies. Besides the work at political level, one of the BD‹'s main points of interest is the essential element of further education, for example in the form of intensive seminars, workshops and lectures to enhance the general and specific quality level in the performance of its members.

Visit the BD‹ on its Web site and obtain information about its statutes and services.

Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und ‹bersetzer (BD‹) e.V. 

If you have further questions to our methods of quality assurance, give us a call, send a fax or an e-mail. Suggestions as to the improvement of our services are welcome.